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Origin bailing out of Beetaloo only the beginning: Greens

Media Release
Adam Bandt 19 Sep 2022

Origin Energy’s decision to step back from fracking the Beetaloo Basin is welcome, Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP said today, but warned that the fight to stop the project is still ongoing.

Despite this announcement, Origin have promised to remain a customer of the project.

With growing backlash to opening up the Beetaloo Basin to fracking, which would unleash 34 billion tonnes of carbon emissions, Adam Bandt said that the government should provide certainty by blocking new coal and gas.

Lines attributable to Adam Bandt MP, Leader of the Australian Greens:
“This is a win for the First Nations peoples and climate activists who have been fighting to stop this terrible project for years,” Mr Bandt said.

“However, the fight is not over. Origin has clearly decided that they don’t want their name attached to this dirty project in partnership with a Russian Oligarch on US, UK and Australian sanctions lists.

“The Beetaloo Basin is a climate bomb no matter whose name is on the fracking wells. Whether Origin Energy is involved or not, cracking open the Basin would increase Australia’s total carbon emissions by up to 11%.

“Tamboran have already demonstrated that they have zero interest in meaningfully engaging with the problems caused by the project from First Nations opposition to entering a commercial relationship with a blacklisted Russian billionaire. They have refused to show up to a Senate Inquiry into the project - potentially leaving them in contempt of Parliament, and facing fines or even jail time. 

“First Nations people and climate defenders shouldn’t be forced to engage in a years-long game of whack a mole with the Beetaloo Basin. Anthony Albanese should come out and commit to stopping the project, so that the whole country can focus on investing in clean energy.”

Lines attributable to Greens spokesperson for Resources, Yamatji-Noongar Woman Senator Dorinda Cox:
“Origin are either in or they’re out - everything else is greenwashing. You can’t remain a customer while trying to distance yourself from this dirty climate bomb," Senator Cox said.

“The Beetaloo project relies on manufactured consent and the destruction of First Nations land and Sea Country. Tamboran must consult and engage with all Traditional Owners and obtain free, informed, prior consent before proceeding with this project.

“Traditional Owners and climate defenders will continue to petition to stop this project. It’s past time for governments to listen to Traditional Owners and the science.

“Traditional Owners and grassroots organisations are the last line of defence for protection of our Land and Sea Country. We need investment in cleaner, greener renewable energy projects that preserve cultural heritage and First Nations’ way of life.”

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